New Music Videos! 

Hello everyone, 

I have created a 'Blog' page on my website to share with you all my recent news and updates. This year has certainly been a challenging one, with live performances for artists like myself few and far in between. But to me it may be a blessing in disguise as I have a lot of unreleased music that I want to share. So over the next few months I intend to share several music videos from different projects of mine. Starting with tonight! 

I am very excited to share with you my interpretation of Erik Satie’s beautiful Gnossienne No.1!  

I’ve been a big fan of Satie’s music ever since I discovered him, especially his minimalist approach to composition. This piece has been my favourite so far. Its haunting melody has always captivated me.  

I will never forget the first time I listened to it being played (originally) on the piano and how I immediately imagined the melody interpreted on the oud. I felt that it would work. Later on I did perform it on the oud, both solo and in duo with guitar. After these performances I knew I wanted to interpret it on the guitar as well.  

Last year I became the proud owner of an amazing guitar that was built by the great Montreal-based luthier Jeremy Clark. Ever since I got this guitar I’ve been playing it all the time. Every time I pick it up I feel so inspired! I’ve been practicing on it some of my favourite classical music masterpieces, including Satie’s Gnossienne No.1. Now that my journey with it on the guitar has come to fruition, I am happy to share it with you all. I hope that you will enjoy it!