Retour ... Aux Sources Du Flamenco

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Online Event, TD stage, Montreal

Dusk in Andalusia, on a public square ringed by orange trees. As if bewitched, she snaps her heels against the ground, imparting a loud thud. Her hands turn to the sky as if she were awaiting a sign, and she continues to repeat this gesture untiringly. This is the image that takes root in people’s minds when Rosanne Dion succumbs to flamenco, a Gypsy dance.

Dedicated to the mother of singer El Bancalero and inspired by the songs that rocked his childhood, this traditional flamenco show is the result of a collaboration between great Montreal artists: Rosanne Dion (dance), Fernando Gallego El Bancalero (voice), Caroline Planté (guitar), Miguel Medina (percussion), and guest artist Ali Omar El-Farouk (oud).

In a fiery atmosphere, we will be witnessing an energetic and colourful show, with great command of the arts of dance and music, with a prominent place for improvisation. A majestic gown, uncontrollable passion, vibrant palmas and castanets – together they will take possession of you during this show with its deep flamenco impulses!