Ali Omar El-Farouk INVITES Djaïma

 — (EET, UTC+02) — (EET, UTC+02)

ROOM Art Space & Café - Garden City, 10 Etehaad Al Mohamin, Qasr El Nil, Cairo

In the third edition of his ‘INVITE’ series, Ali Omar El-Farouk invites French-Bulgarian singer/violinist Djaïma to perform together an exciting selection of French and jazz tunes. Jazz music has been popular in France since the 1920s, and over the decades the influence of jazz music with its rich improvisational language has had a strong impact on French music, leading to the development of what is known today as French-Jazz. With a repertoire that is partly instrumental and partly with French singing, this duo explores this ever-interesting meeting of two well-loved musical traditions.

🎵🎶 A performance not to be missed! 🎤🎻🎸

Djaïma: Voice, Violin Ali Omar El-Farouk: Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar

DJAÏMA DJAÏMA is a French Bulgarian artist whose music is sometimes sensitive, sometimes rock or jazz. DJAÏMA, with her voice and her violin, mixes Slavic, gypsy and Bulgarian cultures in particular, and passes it through the sieve of her flamboyant and iconoclastic personality. We call her Janis Joplin of the Danube or Yma Sumac of the East, so much this artist explodes with inventiveness. Through her four albums of original compositions (“Romano Ilô”, “Tu Es Là”, “Orenda” and “Baiser Salé”), she has succeeded in creating a poetic and festive universe. A voice, an artist who carries and transports souls to the depths of the most imaginary countries, those who are in us...

Ali Omar El-Farouk Ali Omar El-Farouk is an active Egyptian/Canadian guitar/oud player based out of Montreal and Cairo. He is an active performer, music teacher and composer with a professional career spanning more than two decades. He is as passionate about performing live as he as about teaching music. His versatile musical vocabulary is a result of his privileged exposure to both eastern and western cultures. He spent years studying jazz music, classical Arabic music, and western classical music. He has worked in jazz groups, rock/blues/pop bands, all the way to Middle Eastern and flamenco ensembles. His performances include the Festival Du Monde Arabe, Festival Nuits D’Afrique, Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques Festival, and Festival Sefarad in Montreal as well as the Cairo Jazz Festival and the Jazz Mania Festival in Cairo. Ali’s first album ‘Ela Mataa?’ was recorded in Montreal and released in January 2019. He holds a Licentiate degree in Jazz Performance from McGill University’s Schulich School of Music, one of Canada’s top music institutes, and a Bachelor’s degree with Distinction in Jazz Studies from Concordia University in Montreal. He teaches music at his own studio and at Places des Arts in Maadi.

-Entry at 8:30 PM and the event starts at 9:00 PM 
-Seats are limited due to social distancing precautions 
-Ticket price: 150 egp + 1 minimum order per person 
-You can purchase your tickets from our branch, or through the following online link:

Ticket price: 150 egp