Maqamat Trio at Room Garden City

(EET, UTC+02) (EET, UTC+02)

ROOM Art Space & Café - Garden City, 10 Etehaad Al Mohamin, Qasr El Nil, Cairo

Maqamat Trio is a trio that brings you music from the classical or traditional Arabic and Ottoman music repertoire. A diverse repertoire that contains many beautiful instrumental compositions such as the the Dulab, Maqtu‘a, Muqaddima, Tahmila, Darij, Sama‘i, Longa and Bashraf. Through this rich musical heritage, the musicians and their instruments can really shine, and when all the right elements are there, the music transcends the listeners to a state of musical Nirvana, known to many as Saltana. The word ‘Maqamat’ (plural of Maqam) is in reference to the rich Arabic Maqam modal system from which the traditional music of Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and the Arab world is derived.

Ali Omar El-Farouk: Oud Ayman Asfour: Violin Hany Bedair: Riq

Ali Omar El-Farouk Ali Omar El-Farouk is an active Egyptian/Canadian guitar/oud player based out of Montreal and Cairo. He is an active performer, music teacher and composer with a professional career spanning more than two decades. He is as passionate about performing live as he as about teaching music. His versatile musical vocabulary is a result of his privileged exposure to both eastern and western cultures. He spent years studying jazz music, classical Arabic music, and western classical music. He has worked in jazz groups, rock/blues/pop bands, all the way to Middle Eastern and flamenco ensembles. His performances include the Festival Du Monde Arabe, Festival Nuits D’Afrique, Montréal/Nouvelles Musiques Festival, and Festival Sefarad in Montreal as well as the Cairo Jazz Festival and the Jazz Mania Festival in Cairo. Ali’s first album ‘Ela Mataa?’ was recorded in Montreal and released in January 2019. He holds a Licentiate degree in Jazz Performance from McGill University’s Schulich School of Music, one of Canada’s top music institutes, and a Bachelor’s degree with Distinction in Jazz Studies from Concordia University in Montreal. He teaches music at his own studio and at Places des Arts in Maadi.

Ayman Asfour Ayman Asfour is an Egyptian violin player and composer. Initially a self-taught violinist, he eventually graduated from the violin department in the Faculty of Specific Education, becoming upon graduation the youngest violin teacher in this Faculty. Mastering Arab and Western classical musics as well as jazz, he has performed violin with many artists in the Egyptian music scene such as Maurice Louca, Massar Egbari, Station band, Hazem Shaheen, Daniel Merrill and singers Ghalia Benali, Dina El Wedidi, Maryam Saleh, and Nada El Shazly. He has appeared in theaters and festivals in Malta, Denmark, Ireland, Tunisia, Germany, Kuwait, Netherlands, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Switzerland, UK, Lebanon and Congo as well as collaborated with prominent international artists such as Irish fiddler Frankie Gavin, cellist and contemporary British composer Oliver Coates, Finnish free jazz Drummer P.O. Jørgens, Jordanian composer Tarek Al-Nasser, German oud player Roman Bunka, and American Trumpeter Amir El Saffar. In addition to his role as a performer, he has established himself as a composer and producer for theater and contemporary dance. Starting in 2010, he became the Musical Events Manager and Programmer at the Gudran Association for Art and Development, where he helped found and manage al-Cabina cultural space and the Oufuqy music festival.

Hany Bedair Hany Bedair is an Egyptian percussionist with over 30 years of experience under his belt. He is a prominent member of the Egyptian music scene and industry, having recorded or performed live as a session musician with Omar Khairat, Ziad El Rahbanni, Yasser AbdelRahman, Tamer Karaouan, Nasseer Shamma, Khaled Hammad, Aida El Ayoubi, Hamza Namira, Assala, Ruby and more. He was also a member of the Saturday Night Live (bel arabi) house band and a founding member of the oriental jazz band Eftekasat. Hany Bedair has been teaching oriental percussion since 1998 at several institutions including; Beit El Oud El Arabi which was founded by Nasseer Shamma, the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies managed by David Hall and Bibliotheca Alexandrina. He is currently teaching freelance at; Art Mania (Galleria 40 – Sheikh Zayed), The Music Hub (Heliopolis) and Places des Arts (Maadi).

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